Reputed as National 4A Class Scenic Spot,Tianning Temple was originally built during the period of Emperor Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty,and has a history of over 1300 years. As the ancient tradition of Buddhism goes that a temple is built,where a pagoda is erected. The Tianning Pagoda has created eight wonders in China:it is the first pagoda with gold-plated roof and jade-decorated wall)。 The pagoda hanging the highest bell with 3.2 meters high and 15 tons weight at the top of pagoda at 118 meters high。 The one with the largest granite relief of 500 Arhats with 130 meters long and 2.8 meters high around the foundation of the pagoda。 [Detail]
It contains a sea of popular knowledge of dinosaurs and is a theme museum with the most concentration of dinosaur fossils discovered in China. The museum covers a total area of over 20000 square meters. The top of the museum which shaped like a dinosaur head is 71 meters high while the highest point of the internal dome is 36 meters. The modern technology and entertainment measures inside are set up for the construction of a dynamic space with both scientific enlightenment and esthetic sentiment. The display hall breaks through the traditional concept of“natural science”。 [Detail]
Tianmu Lake Mountain and Water Garden consists of five major spots:In-lake Mountain,Sea World,Rural View Area,Superexcellent Mountain and Water View and Longxing Island. Therefore,they were named“Tianmu(Heavenly Eyes)Lake”. Gracefulness,rustic charm and three-treasures are the three very features of Tianmu Lake Tourist and Vacation Resort. Gracefulness:Tianmu Lake is surrounded by hills. The three-treasures:sweet water,fragrant tea and tasty fish head soup are the three treasures of Tianmu Lake. Tianmu Lake is rich in big gray silver carp,the raw material of“Shahe Fish Head Soup”.The fish head soup is famous and constitutes a unique food culture. [Detail]
The prime part of the park was originally the property of Tianning Temple and the local government expropriated it in 1959,together with its immediate vicinity,in order to form a park for the public. The current park is a park complex with diverse facilities for tourism,entertainment and accommodation that is distinguished in Changzhou. The park hosts two million visitors annually 。 To see the blooming of red plum trees,you have to visit the park at the end of the winter or in the early spring. [Detail]
Changzhou Tianning Temple was initially erected in the Yonghui Period of the Tang Dynasty between 650□□655 A. D and has a history of 1350 years. The temple was destroyed five times due to natural disasters or wars,but was re-built afterwards. It was renovated by the local municipal government in 1990. The largest Buddhist hall is 25.8 meters high,26.4 meters wide and 28 meters long,covering an area of 1031 square meters and it is an architecture rarely seen in China. [Detail]
Most of the lake region is located in Liyang City,under the jurisdiction of Changzhou. The average depth of lake water is 10 meters with the deepest 28 meters. The lake has been listed as one of the prestigious 4-AAAA tourist attraction sites since 2001 and is one of the best nature reserves in Jiangsu Province. The lake is protected by national laws and has achieved the second highest rating for the drinking water quality. When visiting the lake,there are two things you might want to try:sample the tea,made from materials harvested around the lake area and mixed in with the lake water,and taste the fish,produced from the lake. [Detail]
Seven kilometers south of Changzhou,the Yancheng Remains is a site of ruins of an ancient town,which occupied a land of 0.6 square kilometer and could be tracked back to the time between the Western Chou Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn Period in China□□s history,almost 3000 years ago. The ancient town is the oldest and most well-preserved ancient town in China. It is surrounded by three layers of town walls and moats. It protected the town from enemy attacks with aid from the moats. [Detail]