The bamboo materials for such carving are rather demanding,and the Mao bamboo(Phyllostachys Edulis)with three to five years old in winter time will be the ideal one. A distinguishing feature of the carving is that carving part is only limited on a very thin skin of the bamboo surface. One of the most celebrated and influential masters of such bamboo carving in modern times was Xu Subai,who was reputed as the key representative of Chinese green-retaining bamboo carving circles in the 20th century. Bai Shifeng is skilled in various carving methods,exact composition and subtle carving and is famous for his innovative subjects despite of his old age. [Detail]
The high reputation of Changzhou-made combs should be due to its strict material choosing,unique workmanship and high quality. The local handicraftsmen keep emerging out of the old by integrating with the features of daily appliance,artwork and decorations and make Changzhou-made combs become daily-use artware full of national traditions and artcharms. The new products include“Longevity Combs”integrated with functions of appreciation and healthcare。 The heroine in the American movie of Charlie’s Angel always wears a Changzhou-made comb as a brooch. [Detail]
”All these basically reflect the shape and structure of Yancheng,and comply with the record of three miles distance ended the city,and seven miles distance reaches river in Mencius. “To learn the history of Ming and Qing Dynasties,please visit Beijing。 To study the history of the Spring&Autumn period,please go to Yancheng”。 The Yancheng Remains not only owns the historical scene with primitive simplicity,but also enjoys charming scenery featured in the south Yangtze River area. The Yancheng Remains was repaired in the period of Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty. [Detail]
Changzhou Science and Education Town is a higher vocational education park famed for its intensive development and resource sharing,as well as a technological innovation platform of production-teaching-research cooperation. Changzhou Science and Education Town actively integrates scientific and educational resources and builds a technological innovation platform. Chinese Academy of Sciences set up 13 sub centers here,and 17 prestigious universities also established research institutes and incubation bases here. [Detail]
Therefore,the new art of random stitch embroidery that combined Chinese and Western art forms was created. Random stitch embroidery is awarded as a kind of precious artistic work based on its quite complicated process requirements. And present her thought by“lines”。 And utilize changeful stitch lines to present the beauty of line and 3D effect according to the change law of light and color. Since luster shown on silk lines,and stitch lines with different directions on the embroidery surface present changeful colors under the light in different angles. [Detail]
On November 19,a batch of paintings from North Korea was exhibited in Liu Haisu Art Gallery,which caught Changzhou people’s eyes. Deeply influenced by Russia,North Korea’s paintings mainly depict familiar scenes of life and integrate unique emotional interpretation and rich cultures. One artist participating in the exhibition said that,North Korea still implements the supply system of socialism and in charge of distribution of all paintings,so the artists could"devote themselves to creation". [Detail]