Steamed Hairy Crabs
2011-12-22 17:24:00


Steamed Hairy Crabs (清蒸大闸蟹)

October is the best time of eating hairy crabs with the sight of chrysanthemum and reciting poems. Such beauty of traditional Chinese paintings is far away from the restriction of the concrete forest of the city. Once people throw themselves into the natural beauty of Changdang Lake in Jintan and eat the real Changdang Lake Hairy Crabs, they will feel the dream-like emotion and enjoy the sceneries.

Sticking to the principles of “biological, efficient and safe”, Changdang Lake sets up scientific breeding patterns according to different water conditions. People there transplant water weeds and put snails into the lake to produce nuisanceless crabs. Jintan Yifeng Hotel cooks Changdang Lake hairy crabs for people from all over China and provide you the joy of “eating crabs and drinking wine during the best time”. Editor:乙姗姗