Gourmet District in Changzhou
2011-12-22 17:11:00

Spring and Autumn Yancheng Gourmet Street – Wujin Farmers’ Characteristics

There are 14 enterprises in the Yancheng gourmet street of local farm cuisine, covering more than 5200 m2. 13 are of catering trade and 1 for agricultural product selling. Tourists can enjoy the ten brand dishes and eight specials. Furong Snail is the leading dish of Furong Snail Restaurant and the top of the ten brand dishes. Zhenglu Painted-face Restaurant has the painted-face pig, which is the state treasure of China. Zhaiqiao Old Goose Restaurant takes the Zhaiqiao Old Goose that is freely bred as the leading dish. Taicun Fish Ball Restaurant’s brand dish is the fish ball, which inherits the four-generation traditional craft. Huangli Red Star Beef Restaurant’s top dish is the full-beef banquet made of oxen and bulls from Anhui and Shandong. With the 100-year history, Changzhou Sesame Cake Restaurant is famous for its sesame cakes.

West Tai Lake Gourmet Restaurant provides various specialties of west Tai Lake. Tai Lake Boat Dish Restaurant is special in the three Tai Lake Specialties. Zhenglu Mutton Restaurant sells fresh mutton. Daixi herring, which are fed on snails, is the leading dish of Daixi Herring Restaurant. Duobao Health-preserving Restaurant takes the healthy food as the brand dish. Precious Aquatic Animal Restaurant integrates the scientific popularization education into the cooking of turtles, tortoise and fishes. Chunhui French Style Restaurant has high-quality beef, hen and goose as the raw materials. Besides, in Wujin (Mingren) Agricultural Products Trade Center, all the well-known agricultural resources in Changzhou and Wujin area are brought together here.

Shuangguifang Gourmet Town – Local Flavor Snacks – Nandajie Commercial Gourmet Street –Fashion Leisure

Shuangguifang Gourmet Town is located at Nandajie Plaza. There are over 580 types of snacks, including the ten brand snacks of Changzhou and other local snacks, various flavor snacks of other places and portioned rice bowl. Half of these are of Changzhou flavor. In Changzhou, the word “Shuangguifang” just refers to the traditional snacks.

Along with the prosperity of Changzhou’s tourism and the maturity of the city CBD, Shuangguifang Gourmet Town, as the vital part of Nandajie Asian Leisure Plaza, not only meets the local citizens’ requirements for the city leisure life, but also let the tourists from other cities completely experience the history, culture and traditional characteristics of Changzhou. The nice environment and good tastes have gained much praise from the public.

Blue Sky Garden – Special Home Making Dishes

Located to the south of Wuxing Park, this is a new but very welcomed catering district. It will never disappoint coming gourmets. Various cooking styles gather here, including Sichuan, Guangdong, Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai and Anhui styles. Restaurants providing traditional home making dishes, such as Grandma’s, Red Hall, Old West Gate, A Er Bone Soup and Old Captain Sea Food, scatter around the park like pearls. You can have creditable family banquets, exciting friends’ gatherings and sweet lover meals. Having eaten enough, people can leave or wander in the park, enjoying the leisure life.

Gourmet Street of Xinbei Central Park – Taste and Emotion

There are characterized restaurants around the beautiful and quiet Xinbei Central Park. People who often come here are mostly white-collar workers, foreign visitors and lovers, etc. New Changxinglou Hotel, Park No. 9, Yulinglong Style Restaurant and Zhiweixuan Restaurant are some of their beloved ones, where they have meals, talk and relax.

Gourmet District of Eastern Yanling Road – Modern Classics

A few middle and high-level restaurants, including Haofuji, Peninsula Garden, Wenbi Shanzhuang, Minzu Yufang and Canal Family, etc. are located in between Hongmei Park and Tianning Temple as the best places of tour leisure and catering. Besides, vegetarians may sense the vegetarian culture in Ruyi Vegetarian Restaurant and Tian Chu Miao Gong Vegetarian Restaurant of Tianning Temple.

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