It selects the natural wild Bighead Fish as the raw material and the water in Tianmu Lake. With the special cooking crafts of Chef Zhu,the taste is described as“refreshing but not fishy,rich but not greasy,milk-like soup with original taste”.Chef Zhu used to cook this dish for Deng Xiaoping,Jiang Zeming,Hu Jintao and was highly praised 。 The balls are white,smooth and refreshing. The soup is clean and nutritious,which is suitable for all people. [Detail]
Steamed Hairy Crabs(清蒸大闸蟹)Steamed Hairy Crabs–Jintan Yifeng Hotel 。 October is the best time of eating hairy crabs with the sight of chrysanthemum and reciting poems. Changdang Lake sets up scientific breeding patterns according to different water conditions. People there transplant water weeds and put snails into the lake to produce nuisanceless crabs. Jintan Yifeng Hotel cooks Changdang Lake hairy crabs for people from all over China and provide you the joy of“eating crabs and drinking wine during the best time”. The real Hengshanqiao beancurd leaves are scalded with boiled salty water and then sliced. [Detail]
It is unique specialty of Changzhou. With a long history,it is used as the oblation in the civil sacrifices. Having been improved,the small cake appears golden like coins with the surface crumby and the center soft. People can eat with ketchup,mustard,curry paste and sesame sauce according to their likes 。 [Detail]
The skin is crumbly and fragrant with unforgettable taste 。 It is a kind of big round cake with special taste as the daily traditional food of Changzhou people. Dried Beancurd with Gravy–Yilong Vegetarian Ham–Farmer’s Maobibi Grass Fried Pan Cake–Eight-treasure Vegetable Congee 。 It has red-color gravy and soft taste of salt and sweet,slightly spicy and with rich smell 。 It is one of the traditional special foods of Changzhou Yilong Vegetarian Restaurant. Farmer’s Maobibi Grass Pan Cake-Liyang Tianmu Lake Hotel 。 It is made of flour mixed with Maobibi Grass with three-delicacies stuff. [Detail]
Furong Snail is the leading dish of Furong Snail Restaurant and the top of the ten brand dishes. Taicun Fish Ball Restaurant’s brand dish is the fish ball,which inherits the four-generation traditional craft. Shuangguifang Gourmet Town–Local Flavor Snacks–Nandajie Commercial Gourmet Street–Fashion Leisure 。 There are over 580 types of snacks,including the ten brand snacks of Changzhou and other local snacks,various flavor snacks of other places and portioned rice bowl. In Changzhou,the word“Shuangguifang”just refers to the traditional snacks 。 Gourmet Street of Xinbei Central Park–Taste and Emotion 。 [Detail]
Changzhou is famous for its local dishes which include the“Changchun not old thousand balls”。 "Zhou Cheng"the mutton hot pot,takes the highest quality goat meat as a raw material,uses a traditional formula and some science to purify giving it its tasty pulp,with unique flavour. "Tianmu lake"the earthen pot fish head 。 Originating in the Jiangsu Province Tianmu lake guesthouse,and with nearly 30 years experience carefully boiling this dish,Jiangsu Province top grade chef Zhu Shuncai already has the reputation for the best traditional cuisine in Jiangsu 。 [Detail]