Economic globalization, not isolation, will ensure a better future for Asia and the world, according to the ongoing Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) in Hainan Province. [Detail]
The head of global mining giant Rio Tinto Group Plc said China's move to trim overcapacity in its steel industry would benefit his group and others like it, instead of hurting their business interests. [Detail]
Yongdan Sangbo, a 23-years-old lama studying at a Buddhist institute in Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province, is among the pioneers who know how to shop online on the 4,500-meter plateau. [Detail]
Fewer Chinese prospective buyers are considering Vancouver properties in the Canadian province of British Columbia ( BC ) , following its implementation of a 15 percent tax on foreign residential real estate buyers eight months ago .[Detail]
Asian media will make a "stronger case" for globalization, regional news leaders vowed at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference on Thursday. [Detail]
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) officially started operating as a Chinese renminbi (CNY) clearing bank in Russia Wednesday, a move set to facilitate the use of the currency and cooperation in various fields between the two countries. [Detail]
Beijing property curbs to cool preowned market
The newly released property purchasing policy in Beijing is likely to cause terminations on existing contracts and help cool down the capital's property market, according to industry insiders. [Detail]
A Shanghai-headquartered company, that makes most of its profits from helping "exterminate" extramarital affairs, to head off divorces in shaky marriages, is seeking a listing on the New Third Board. [Detail]
China's e-commerce giant Alibaba group on Wednesday announced a plan to set up an e-commerce hub in Malaysia encompassing logistics, cloud-computing and e-financial service to boost trade and e-commerce in the region. [Detail]
While China's bike-sharing market is booming as competitors battle it out, some cities' curbsides are already overloaded with the colorful selection of bicycles, or worse, damaged ones that no one can use. [Detail]
Chinese companies are actively seeking mature technologies in Israel to bring to China to develop high-return businesses, according to the chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co Ltd. [Detail]
CeBIT, the world's largest annual computer and software fair, kicked off in Hannover, Germany, on Monday. [Detail]
The chairman of Robert Bosch GmbH , the German mobility , industry and software conglomerate .Said on Monday that his group would develop solutions for all spheres of the internet of things in China amid the country ' s consumption upgrading boom - including further investing in new plants this year .[Detail]
Li says trade friction should be tackled through dialogue
China firmly promotes trade liberalization and investment by safeguarding multilateral trade as a main channel for economic growth and by building an open and transparent regional free trade framework, Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday. [Detail]
A BMW owner from Shanghai has shipped his car to Germany to pursue a compensation claim, after failing to get satisfaction from a dealership in China where he bought it. [Detail]