Nantong’s first animated film wins award in Italy
2019-04-15 16:27:00

(Jiaohuidian Photo)

A Fishboy's Story: Tortoise from the Sea won Best Soundtrack award at the International Cross-Media and Children's Television Festival, the 23rd edition of the festival “Cartoons on the bay” in Italy.

The animated film was produced by Nantong Tiantai Animation and Beijing Qi Tai Culture Development Group with the support of the publicity department of the CPC Gangzha District Committee of Nantong.

The Cartoons on the Bay is the biggest festival of this kind in Italy and one of the most famous in the world.

(Jiaohuidian Photo)

In the traditional art form of paper-cut, the film is the first to focus on Nantong’s cultural and historical legacies as a city bordering the Yellow Sea and the Yangtze River. The film was well received since the release on March 16. Some audience said the film discusses topics like love and courage important to children’s growth. For some, the film has a touching end and makes a great reference to traditional Chinese philosophy on the harmony between people and the nature.

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