Nanjing writer tells "Qinhuai Stories" to the world
2018-10-26 17:14:00

"To me, the Nanjing city and the Qinhuai River are my inspiration, I will never be short of ideas," said the female novelist Ji Wen in the UNESCO headquarters.

The English version of two novels, "Porcelain Tower of Nanjing" and "Nanjing Imperial Examination Hall", met the public for the first time at the opening ceremony of World Famous Cities Nanjing Week in Paris on October 24. Ji Wen is famous for her creation of Nanjing historical and cultural novels. The two novels are expected to attract more international readers.

The female writer, who builds her reputation on the Internet, grew up in the neighborhoods along the Qinhuai River, and moved to Canada in 2012. Amid the homesickness, she started writing and has penned four novels themed on the Qinhuai River stories, in just over two years. Each novel makes reference to some iconic cultural attractions in Nanjing, such as the Porcelain Tower, which is part of the Great Bao'en Temple, the Imperial Examination Hall, Chaotian Palace, and Zhan Garden, which was first built during the early Ming Dynasty. Those novels have been regarded by readers as the cultural ambassador of Nanjing, a gateway to Nanjing’s history and culture.

The novel’s English version became possible for the Nanjing Literature Translation Funding Program. Ji said the past several months have been quite intense as it took great efforts to publish the books. For example, the cover’s design was changed again and again to both fit the aesthetic values of Western readers and reflect Chinese traditional culture. It needs a high sense of responsibility to get every small detail right, from design to typography. Ji also said everyone involved in the translation was very patient and responsible just to make these two books perfect. Delegates from Qinhuai District to the Nanjing Week carried dozens of books to the launch ceremony in the French capital.

In this July, Nanjing became home to the Jiangsu Internet Literature Valley and Ji Wen was one of the first contract writers, meaning she will enjoy a closer link to her hometown again.

Ji said she actually happened to step into the Internet literature and she felt greatly inspired and encouraged by the hometown as well as the enthusiastic readers, who so much wanted to tell good the stories of Qinhuai River, Nanjing, Jiangsu and China. “I will continue promoting cultural exchanges between my hometown and the world, so more readers can learn about today's China."

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