Zhou Sicong, Lu Chen memorial exhibition opens in Nanjing
2018-07-05 11:12:00

As leading representatives of the first generation of painters trained since the founding of People’s Republic of China in 1949, Lu Chen (1935-2004) and his wife Zhou Sicong (1939-1996) were also the most influential artist couple in Chinese painting in the late 20th century.

Organized by the National Art Museum of China, the Beijing Art Academy, and the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, the Zhou Sicong and Lu Chen Memorial Exhibition will be held from June 30 to August 15 at the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum. This is also the largest display of the couple’s creations in Jiangsu Province so far, which will reveal the history of their lifelong pursuit of artistic perfection through a large number of works and exhibits.

This exhibition includes more than 80 works of the couple, such as their masterpieces "Train Doctor", "Premier Zhou Enlai and the People ", "Hatred of Coal Miners” series, "Qingming Festival", and "Ink Lotus", as well as over 10 letters with their students, spanning a period of nearly 40 years. Those works clearly showed that their innovative approach to ink art, evolvement from realism to expressionism, and struggles against difficulties.

With the largest exhibition of works by Zhou Sicong and Lu Chen in Jiangsu, artists in the province want to express their deep respect and missing of the artist couple.

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