Italian industrial designer explores Nanjing intangible cultural heritages
2018-07-04 16:54:00

The second season of the program “International Designers Residing in Nanjing”, initiated by the CPC Nanjing Committee to inherit the craftsmanship and reinvigorate intangible cultural heritages, was launched in May. Italian designer Odo Fioravanti came to Nanjing to explore the city’s five intangible cultural heritages - Nanjing yunjin brocade, Qinhuai lantern, gold foil, multicolor overprinting and Jinling folding fan.

Focusing on the techniques of the five heritages, the new season of the program will invite the world’s top 20 teams in graphic design, fashion, product design and other fields to visit Nanjing, and cooperate with the city’s inheritors of the traditional crafts to create innovative products with unique Nanjing identities.

Odo Fioravanti is a famous Italian product designer. His projects has won several prestigious design awards, including Italian’s highest industrial design award - the Compasso d'Oro Prize ADI. Editor:Dylan