Famed Hollywood director to form multi-media company in Nanjing
2018-06-15 19:31:00

(Photo by Wang Ning)

Chris D Nebe, famous Hollywood director and president of Monarex, became a visiting professor with Nanjing Institute of Visual Art (NIVA) on June 14.

Together with Zhou Ning, President and founder of NIVA, Nebe will form a multi-media company to make Hollywood style film here in China.

Starting from “Marco Polo’s Shangri-La” in 2007, Nebe has made 19 films for his “Mysterious China” series, which won him more than 50 prizes of all kinds. “My films reach the hearts and minds of American people. Because they know nothing about China, and I teach them about China,” introduced Nebe. The series is very popular in America, reaching 20 million homes in America via public television and world internet. Many prestigious American universities and colleges are even using the films to teach students about China.

In 2013, Nebe made two successful films for Jiangsu, namely, “Yangzhou, a City of Timeless Culture” and “Jiangsu, Land of Good Fortune”. Each film shows 20 times in American and the trailer was shown in Ghana Festival. Lots of American people have decided to come to Jiangsu after seeing the movie.

Nebe acclaimed his two purposes of the Mysterious China series are to promote tourism and to attract international investment to China.

Currently, Nebe is preparing for the first project of the new company, a dancing movie called “Bodytalk”, which in some way resembles the style of “La La Land“. “There are many talented young filmmakers, but nobody in the west know them, because they don’t have the money to make promotion. That’s why we form a multi-media company in China,” Nebe said he would make full use of their resources in Hollywood to help these young talents.

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