Donglin Academy leads free opening of national cultural heritage sites
2018-06-13 15:23:00

The front door of Donglin Academy. [Photo provided to]

Donglin Academy, the first national cultural heritage conservation site in Wuxi to offer free admission in 2018, has attracted 200,000 visitors in the past five months, over 80 percent of the total amount in 2017.

Famous for the antithetical couplet – "The sound of winds, raindrops and readings enter my ears, the affairs of families, nations and world attract my attention"- Donglin Academy has a history of over 900 years and attracts many visitors from home and abroad every year.

Though its ticket price was reduced from 16 yuan ($2.50) to 5 yuan in 2014, few locals chose to visit Donglin Academy even on weekends or holidays.

"We opened Donglin Academy for free for 10 days on Dec 20. To our surprise, many locals flooded into the site all week," said Rong Junyan, head of the academy. Editor:Hiram