The Nanjing Memory 1937 exhibition opens in Prague
2018-06-08 14:36:00

The “Common Witness: Nanjing Memory 1937” exhibition opened in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, on June 7. Click to view more photos>>>

The exhibition displayed more than 130 historical photos, 13 exhibits and 2 video materials. The exhibition hall of over 500 square meters creatively used curtains to increase the immersive experience of the audience.

The Chinese Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Ma Keqing, said in her opening speech that the year of 2018 marks the 81st anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre and marks the 76th anniversary of the Lidice tragedy. People in the two war-torn countries love peace and cherish the hard-won peace. Therefore, the exhibition has special historical and practical significance.

Ma also said that this year also marks the 69th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Czech Republic. Both countries have rich cultural resources and profound cultural heritage, respecting each other's cultural traditions and advocate diversified cultural exchanges. It is hoped that this exhibition will serve as a window for the Czech people to understand the history of China and serve as a bridge to deepen the friendship between the two peoples. Editor:Amanda