Designer Zhang Ming: Exhibition sheds light on history
2018-06-04 16:17:00

Zhang Ming, dean of the School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts, was the designer and curator of the "Common Witness: Nanjing Massacre 1937" exhibitionin Caen, France in 2016. This time, he will once again assume the same positions for the Nanjing Massacre exhibitions to be held in Europe.

The "Common Witness: Nanjing Massacre 1937" exhibition will be officially launched in the Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk, Belarus on June 5. It will then meet the public in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, on June 7.

Talking about the concept of exhibitions, Zhang Ming introduced that the two exhibitions in Minsk and Prague will proceed from the organizer's ideas and be based on historical facts with vivid details and stories. He said that the exhibition is both a lens of the history to expose amazing facts and a mirror of history to faithfully reflect the truth of the past.

In this exhibition, Zhang’s teamwill put the pictures about the Nanjing Massacre in the confined corridor. The visual impact of the images and the depression due to the narrow space will make the audience feel a strong sense of oppression. At the same time, the change of space and the displayed items will also enable the audience to gain the warmth of human nature and a spiritual comfort in the dark history.

This exhibition also includes two installations. The first one, a 12-second interactive program, shows a water dropping every 12 seconds, meaning one person was killed every 12 seconds in the Nanjing Massacre. The other installation mimics the video camera of John Magee, who used his 16mm movie camera to film the atrocities of the Japanese soldiers. The replica of this camera was placed at the entrance of the exhibition to remind the visitors that this is a historical lens to record history.

At present, preparation of the exhibition is in full swing. All the materials of the show are made in Nanjing.

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