100 free lectures to revive Wuxi embroidery
2018-05-17 17:28:00

The press conference for a campaign to promote Wuxi fine embroidery was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on May 15, 2018.  

The non-profit campaign was launched at Wuxi’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Base in the Cheerful City. The activity in Wuxi’s Liangxi District will offer 100 free public lectures on the traditional fine embroidery art.    

Zhao Yuhong, a master of arts and crafts in China, will lead her embroiders in preserving this intangible cultural heritage by promoting it in communities and schools.    

An embroider surnamed Cheng was attracted by fine embroidery during an exhibition. After studying for more than six months, she has mastered single-sided embroidery. From pendants to purses and then to complete pieces, her skills have grown gradually in proficiency and exquisiteness. Now she is working towards the more complicated double-sided embroidery. Fine embroidery is not only a craft, but also a way to cultivate the mind and a bridge to one’s inner world, said Cheng.  

Jia Xiaoqiong, deputy curator of the Zhao Hongyu Art Gallery, introduced that there are less than ten professional embroiders in the city. As an intangible cultural heritage, the delicate needle work has to be further promoted and spread among the public.  

Wuxi embroidery, also known as Xi embroidery or fine embroidery, is a form of traditional art and craft in Wuxi.  

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