Nanjing museums present a cultural feast on International Museum Day
2018-05-16 18:22:00

Museums in Nanjing will offer their visitors a journey of history and art, on May 18, the International Museum Day. Various activities will be launched and, better still, the admission is free.  

The Nanjing Museum 

The Nanjing Museum, one of three major museums in China, is the firm museum nationwide and the first major comprehensive museum invested by the national government. The museum has been listed as a National First-grade Museum.  

From 18:00 to 21:00 on May 18, an activity themed “a dancing museum” will be held in the complex. It aims to introduce the museum and reveal the stories behind with “dance” as its clue and angle. On that day, the Nanjing Museum, together with three museums in Suzhou, Xuzhou and Nantong will open for night visits.  

Nanjing Folk Custom Museum 

The museum dedicated to folk customs and intangible cultural heritages is a witness and epitome of the culture in ancient Nanjing. It is an important platform to display the city’s folk culture and intangible cultural heritages. On May 18, performance of intangible cultural arts will be available on the garden lawn near the southern gate. In the classroom, visitors can attend lectures by inheritors of intangible cultural heritages and pick up some skills. They may also appreciate Baiju, an ancient opera featuring singing and telling in Nanjing dialect, in the old tea house.  

Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum 

The museum is a classic combination of modern architectures and traditional gardens. On May 18, children may give a new look and a new life to white silkworm cocoons by cutting, pasting and coloring. They can study the structure of loom with brocade masters, learn weaving skills and practice with small looms. They can also create different patterns on fabric with the natural plant dye, sumu.  

Six Dynasties Museum 

Nanjing used to be the capital of six dynasties in Chinese history. The Six Dynasties Museum, built on ancient ruins, boasts the most comprehensive collection of relics from the six dynasties in China. At 15:00 on May 16, the museum will have pupils and teachers from Changjiang Road Primary School perform the legendary “previous life” of national treasures. Cultural relics experts will be invited to tell audience about the stories behind these treasures.  

Besides, other local museums such as the Imperial Examination Museum, Nanjing Brocade Museum, Museum of Southern Nanjing Memory and Nanjing Municipal Museum will also offer free entries to visitors.  

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