Oriental beauty from needle and thread
2018-05-11 16:58:00

In a small lane at Qianhou Beian Scenic Resort of Changzhou City, there’s a high-end tailored qipao shop where Jiang Xiaoqi has been insisting on handmade garments.

Jiang makes qipao according to different customer’s body shape, appearance and temperament. To better suit the customers, she usually takes over 30 measurements for one dress. When sewing the qipao, she will reserve 4 centimeters for every seam in case the customer loses or gains weight within 2.5 kilograms. Moreover, customers will enjoy clothe-altering service for free all the time.

Jiang said making qipao is quite complicated and requires dozens of procedures. “One qipao will take over one month to finish and all will be handmade.” In order to make her qipao more elegant, she has hired eight local professional workers to embroidery.

Now, the demand for Jiang’s qipao has exceeded her supply. She has to work until late night with her team. “It is exhausting, but I feel a strong sense of fulfillment to see customers satisfied.”

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