Jiangsu Puppet Troupe to stage tour show in Britain
2018-05-02 17:27:00

Jiangsu Puppet Troupe is to stage a puppet play at Jaywick Martello Tower in Britain’s coastal town Clacton on May 19, in which the ancient art is to add luster to the century-old building.

On the troupe’s first tour show around Britain, the puppet artists are to give 12 performances in ten schools as well as theatres.

The tour show will be led by Xu Hong, one of China’s top puppet artists and national-level inheritor of Yangzhou Puppet Play.

Born in Gaoyou of Yangzhou city, Xu was engaged in the puppet art at the age of 14. With great passion and unremitting endeavor over her art careers, she has been successfully carrying forward the ancient puppet art and making innovations, bringing folk tales and historic figures onto the stage.

Jiangsu Puppet Troupe is no stranger to the international stage, as it has visited and performed in various countries and regions like Malaysia, South America, Japan, US, Germany, Danmark, Thailand and Hong Kong, etc., winning much applause from audience around the world.

The tour show this time is to be featured with short programs like 'Long sleeves dance by the Chinese Goddess of the Moon', 'Wu Song beats the Tiger' and some other classical plays.

The traditional Chinese Puppet show has been listed as a national heritage in China.

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