Nanjing to build first city-level children’s museum
2018-04-26 15:34:00

Kids from Nanjing First Kindergarten experienced the museum specially set up for children at the launching ceremony of Nanjing Pre-school Education Research and International Communication Center on April 25.

The Children’s Museum will be the first city-level museum for children in China. Nanjing First Kindergarten has been authorized by Nanjing Education Bureau to manage the museum at present, which will be opened to the public later on.

Now there are about 400 children’s museums in the world and 80 percent of them are built in U.S., according to Lu Xianmin, the head of Nanjing First Kindergarten. Although there are plenty of museums in Nanjing, those designed specifically for children are quite rare, said Lu. Since children have the nature of playing games, the museum has set up a special area for children to explore and understand diversity. In the museum, children can learn about science, nature and cultural history based on real life experiences.

Moreover, taking the Children Museum as a role model, Nanjing city will build more non-profit public spaces serving young children in the future.

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