Yangzhou opens bookstore for thread-bound Chinese books
2018-04-17 17:08:00

The Zhengyitang Bookstore, established by the Yangzhou's Guangling Publishing House, opened in the city on April 16.

Guangling Publishing House has inherited the intangible cultural heritage of engraving and printing craft. Its publishing service specializes on block printing, photocopying, and sorting ancient books. Guangling’s block printed and thread-bound books are particularly popular among domestic and foreign collectors and institutions.

Zhengyitang Bookstore will feature book-binding books, particularly about Chinese classics, engraving and binding books, books about Yangzhou’s culture. It will also sell cultural and creative products and accoutrements of writing. The store also has permanent technicians on engraving and printing who provide new carvings featuring Yangzhou’s characteristic products, for readers and tourists to experience the craft of block printing.

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