Huaian applies for UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy
2018-04-11 16:26:00

Since the beginning of 2018, Huaian City of Jiangsu Province has been making smooth progress in applying for the title of UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy.

In January, a delegation from Huaian visited Macao to brief the preparation to Getachew Engida, the deputy secretary-general of UNESCO who is charge of the project, and won his clear endorsement. Then in March, a Huaian delegation visited the Secretariat of China National Commission for UNESCO. Moreover, Huaian government has contacted with the China Cuisine Association and established an expert panel to instruct the application project.

To improve the development planning for Huaiyang cuisine, Huaian government has drafted a policy to promote the industry. In addition, the city government has worked hard to explore the cultural connotation of Huaiyang dishes, focused on inheritance, protection and development, and given priorities to sustainable influence. The government has organized selections among time-honored Huaiyang cuisine brands, carried out talents training projects, and increased promotions for Huaiyang cuisine.

During the 2018 Food Expo scheduled in April, Huaian city will hold a launching ceremony of UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy application project and release Huaian Declaration of Huaiyang Cuisine Inheritance and Development.

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