Liechtenstein issues stamps on Yangzhou paper-cut
2018-04-09 16:21:00

The Twelve Beauties in Dream of the Red Chamber, a paper-cut work designed by Yangzhou artist Xiong Chongrong, will be featured on the stamp issued by Liechtenstein Post AG. It is the first time for the European country to issue a stamp on Yangzhou paper-cut.

As the famous ‘Kingdom of Stamps,’ Liechtenstein has become the “holy place” for stamp collectors from all around the world. A show about Liechtenstein stamps opened in this January in Yangzhou City. During the opening ceremony, Xiong expressed his wish to donate some of his paper-cut works to the Liechtenstein National Museum in talks with Cynthia Li, chief representative of Liechtenstein Post AG in China. After watching Xiong’s dazzling paper-cut works, Li gladly received Xiong’s donation to the museum.

News came on April 8 that Liechtenstein Post AG decided to choose part of Xiong’s creations, inspired by the characters in the classical Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, to issue a stamp sheet for global release on April 22.

Xiong Chongrong’s paper-cut was featured on a stamp for the first time in 1973. Since 2011, his paper-cut stamps have been issued successively in France, Japan, the U.S. and Macao.

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