Woven straw sends Sheyang county on road to wealth
2018-04-09 16:05:00

"It is the reed product in this color that I have been looking for!" Greek merchant Billy found his dream product at the Taoyuan Furniture Co., Ltd in Yancheng’s Sheyang County on April 1.

Taoyuan Furniture, a straw product enterprise in Sheyang, is led by Dai Yuanjun, the 10th-generation of Dai straw-weaving craftsmen. In 2015, he was awarded the title of "Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative in Jiangsu Province".

Sheyang’s straw weaving methods were used in packing and transport of sea salt in ancient times. Later they gradually evolved into weaving farming tools and daily necessities. In recent years, the cultural value of this ancient technique has been fully tapped amid a boom in woven straw items in Sheyang. More and more foreigners are in love with the unique straw products. "These products are mainly sold in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the United States. Ninety percent of them are supplied to five-star hotels and are very popular," said Billy.

"We adjust textures, colors and patterns in accordance with the preferences of customers from various groups and countries, and develop new products based on their needs," said Dai, who frequently participates in international exhibitions to gain more experience. He also said the company will continue to intensify innovation, expand domestic and foreign market channels, and inherit and promote the traditional skills of straw weaving.

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