Jiangsu Party chief calls for cultural protection
2018-04-04 16:48:00

Lou Qinjian (center) during inspection.

During a research tour in Nanjing on April 3, Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, called for a full play of the educational roles of revolutionary and traditional cultural resources.

Lou said that the traditional cultural resources are a strong driving force to build Jiangsu to become “powerful, rich, beautiful and civilized” while people can gain spiritual nourishment, increase the cultural confidence, and keep high the morale in forging ahead and bravely striving for progress.

In the run-up to Tomb Sweeping Day, many people came to the Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery. Lou also paid a visit to the cemetery and presented a flower basket to honor those who died in China’s revolution. He later went to the Martyrs Memorial Hall and visited an exhibition entitled Power of Faith- Yuhuatai Martyrs Life History.

At the Imperial Examination Museum in Nanjing Confucius Temple, Lou emphasized the importance of traditional cultural resources and absorbing their excellence and essence in order to nourish moral values, toughen the mind to forge ahead and spread positive energy in society.

At the Purple Mountain Observatory, Lou inspected the astronomical equipment used in ancient China as well as space telescopes, the historic military fortress Tianbaocheng and other sites. Lou said the observatory, as China’s first modern astronomical institute, needs to ensure systematic preservation of the ecology and cultural relics as well as the tourism development, giving a full play its educational role and influence.

Lou Qinjian (3rd from right) in inspection to the Ming City Wall.

The old city wall from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) is also a key historical and cultural relic in Nanjing City. At the site, Lou learned about protection plans and made inspections. He emphasized that the city wall is a valuable cultural resource that deserves great effort and scientific protection, allowing it to play its role well in the society.

He also urged improved planning for protection and development while implementing preservation, renovation, infrastructure construction and tourism development using a holistic approach to realize the dual processes of preservation and development.

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