Nanjing brings rich culture to Nepal
2018-04-03 16:13:00

The "Nanjing Cultural Day" events were launched in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal on the afternoon of April 1.

The opening ceremony featured a unique hand-lion dance performance named after its birthplace of Houchong Village in Jiangsu Province. Eight performers from Nanjing's Yongning Street Community presented the performance, also an intangible cultural heritage in Jiangsu, and they were met with loud applause from the audience.

As another highlight of the ceremony, chefs from Jinling Resort in Nanjing cooked traditional food on site, including Yuhua Stone glutinous dumplings, salted duck, duck blood soup and more. While enjoying the Jinling cuisine, participants also got a taste of the unique culture of Nanjing, a historical and cultural city in China.

During the "Nanjing Cultural Day" activities, the Nepal-Chinese Cultural Center arranged the "Nanjing Art Exhibition" to exhibit more than 90 artworks in four art forms - oil paintings, pen paintings, prints, and photography. Four artists -Wang Bofu, Yang Guoli, Yu Liming and Zhu Jianhui – have all visited Nepal. Combining what saw and heard in Nepal into their works, they offered creations both of contemporary Chinese style and Nepalese characteristics.

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