Suzhou to encourage purchase, rental of traditional dwelling
2018-03-02 10:38:00

Traditional civilian residences at the ancient town of Luzhi of Suzhou city. [Photo/VCG]

The municipal government of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province will draw up policies to facilitate domestic and overseas organizations and individuals to buy or rent traditional civilian residences in the city, according to a new regulation effective on March 1.

The Regulation on the Protection of the National Famous Historical and Cultural City of Suzhou consists of 49 articles, covering contents for protection of key historical urban areas, joint management mechanism, specification of protected items and requirements of protection. The document stipulates that the items to be preserved include the overall patterns and landscapes of historic urban areas, blocks of historic and cultural value, historic districts, rivers and water systems, historic and cultural sites, Suzhou traditional gardens, ancient architectures, ancient city walls and traditional dwellings.

Besides encouraging purchase and rental, the regulation also requires that guidelines and atlases be compiled to specifyinformation of traditional civilian residence, including height, scale, appearance, color, material, feature details and craft techniques.

According to the regulation, the maintenance, repair, renovation, reconstruction and extension of traditional residences by persons liable shall be conducted as required and when the responsible party lacks abilities of maintenance and repair, the People’s Government of Gusu District should take measures to protect the buildings.

The protection of Suzhou dialect is also elaborated in the regulation.

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