Young Wuxi artist's work on show at Vatican Museum
2018-01-02 11:26:00

Zhou Zichen was issued a certificate for showing his collection from Barbara Jatta, director of the Vatican Museum in Italy. [Photo/WeChat wxjywwx]

Zhou Zichen, a young man from Wuxi studying at the Rome University of Fine Arts, has managed to have his works shown at the Vatican Museum alongside masterpieces of Da Vinci and Raphael.

It's the first time works of Chinese artists have been shown at the world-renowned Vatican Museum. Under the recommendation of famous Italian artist Professor Pierluigi Berto, Zhou and three other Chinese overseas students won the glory of holding an exhibition of classical sketches there.

The exhibition also set a precedent for the Vatican Museum to display contemporary artists' works. Zhou uses several techniques to finish his paintings, which have been rarely seen in recent years. Zhou has developed a unique style to illustrate the world he sees. Editor:Hiram