Hao's clay sculpture in Suqian city listed as municipal intangible cultural heritage
2017-11-08 16:47:00

The clay sculpture created by Hao Jun, a representative inheritor of Hao's clay sculpture in Suqian city, is of a distinct style. He uses the local five-color clay as raw material and has explored a complete set of clay sculpting process that keeps the clay moist for a long time and intact even when dry. Recently the Hao's clay sculpture is listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Suqian city.

Hao's clay sculpture originated in Lailong town of Suyu District, where the clay is suitable for sculpting. Hao Jun recalled that he was originally drawn to the the small clay toys made by his grandpa, and his mother is also a good clay sculptor. The neat and beautiful pot frames at his home were all made of clay, leaving an opening where a teapot could be hung to cook tea. When they cook steamed buns at holidays and festivals, they always make some dough frog or rabbit along with the steamed bun.

Seeing his grandpa and mother making clay sculpture, Hao Jun seems bound to be associated with this craft. When it was rainy, the little Hao Jun would take his friends to make clay animals, small houses and farming tools.

The Records of the Grand Historian recorded that Suqian has "five-color clay". To have more diverse raw materials for clay sculpture, Hao Jun, based on long years of inspection and survey, has collected more than 30 kinds of local clay of various textures and colors, and selected five kinds of strong colors - red, yellow, green, white and black - to make clay sculpture.

There is a full teaching plan for Hao's clay sculpture. Hao Jun is able to make complex clay sculpture within a few days, and his skillful operation is truly pleasant. A layman without any skill can also make a presentable clay sculpture in a few days under his instruction.

Hao Jun's works are generally of two types - freehand and painted sculpture, which mostly present historical stories, ancient celebrities and myths. The painting of painted sculpture draws on the coloring characteristics of Dunhuang color painting and the approach of realistic painting, making the sculptures appealing to people of all circles.

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