Nanjing joins ranks of Fashion Capitals
2017-11-07 14:25:00

The glitterati of Nanjing was out in full swing last night as the Kevin Liu Dimor fashion show got under way; possibly one of the most shining events of the year and quite the glamorous ending to October.

Fashionably late and dressed to impress, China’s most beautiful feathers rustled the glittering sleeves of selfie-taking fashionistas. With a triangular theme in the Renaissance Hotel, the stage was set,and Nanjing’s most important were conspicuously seated in the middle,withalbeit a neck-craning, dreadful view of the show.

With an audience of roughly 400, the room was a sell-out and for good reason. A Mercedes Benz sponsored event, the main man was none other than Kevin Liu. A career stylist, Liu has made quite the name for himself within the fashion industry around his hometown in China's Northeast, and now, with his collection hitting Nanjing, he is set for success on alarger scale.

Last night’s show of women’s couture solidified China’s sophistication of the modern woman; striking black gothic ensembles mixed with utterly feminine designs. Liu’s baby blue dresses and white suits elegantly floated up and down the catwalk, paraded by a model mix of colour, race and talent.

As Nanjing shimmered its way into the night, vogue hotspot Shanghai has recently experienced some all-too-familiar fashion controversy, with the death of 14 year old underage Russian model Vlada Dzyuba, who it was alleged, died of exhaustion during Shanghai Fashion Week. China has certain rules set in place that allows for minors to work certain jobs. Editor:Hiram