Wuxi builds the 4th provincial cross-Straits communication base
2017-11-01 09:44:00

The unveiling ceremony announcing Helyu City Relics Museum as the 4th provincial cross-Straits communication base is held in Wuxi. [Photo/China Daily]

The Wuxi-Taiwan painting and calligraphy communication meeting was held on Oct 28 in the Helyu City Relics Museum of Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province.

Sponsored by Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuxi government and Binhu district government, the event aimed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of cross-Straits relations and promote cultural exchanges between Wuxi and Taiwan.

Over 50 exquisite calligraphy and painting works painted by 30 artists from Wuxi and Taiwan were exhibited in the center hall of Helyu City Relics Museum.

During the event, the Helyu City Relics Museum was announced to be the communication base between Jiangsu province and Taiwan, being the fourth provincial communication base in Wuxi.

Representatives from both sides exchanged two calligraphy works with each other. The combination of the two characters makes the word of "harmony" in Chinese.

More than 40 works were also created during the two-hour communication meeting by artists from Wuxi and Taiwan.

"We will provide more platforms for cross-Straits artists to communicate face to face. Art exhibitions are welcome from both sides," said Zhang Wei, vice-director of Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangsu province.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Editor:Nicky