US man sings in Chinese in Suzhou
2017-10-30 16:19:00

Jackson Davis from the United States has won the Best Talent Award at a talent show for foreigners in Suzhou with his original song, Sense of Belonging in Suzhou. He became famous overnight in the area’s WeChat moments.

Davis also has a Chinese name. He said that Suzhou is where he started his music dream. He came to Xuchang of Henan from Florida in 2009 to learn more about the Chinese culture. Later, Davis began to study Chinese at Suzhou University.

There is a book store on Wuqueqiao Road in Suzhou and every Wednesday, there will be an open mic for people to showcase their singing talents. Davis is a frequent customer of the show and he has many fans there, too. "I sang a Chinese song the first time there. They say that I am the first foreigner who sings in Chinese in that book store," said Davis. He added he always had a music dream, and the experience at the book store enabled him to pursue that dream. Since then, most of his time has been spent on music.

Today, he is a director in a music studio in Suzhou, he is responsible for arranging, recording and mixing. His goal is to become a foreign singer of Chinese music.

Compared with the sunshine in Florida, he felt that the rainy days in Suzhou have a special taste. "I can smell the breath of life. Perhaps my sense of belonging in Suzhou comes from here," Davis said. 


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