Yangzhou folk artist creates brick sculpture of finless porpoise
2017-10-13 16:35:00

Ji Zhigang, a fan of brick sculpture in Xuningmen community of Yangzhou, spent four months making a brick sculpture of finless porpoise for the ecological protection of the Yangtze River. He donated the sculpture to Yangzhou Finless Porpoise Protection Association. Ji said that he will make a series of ecological protection sculptures, including Sanwan Park, to showcase Yangzhou’s urban ecological beauty with brick sculptures.

The 55-year-old Ji is a big fan of brick sculpture. When he was studying at Chengnan Primary School, he would observe the brick sculpture patterns on the walls of Chaoguan, Lingnan Hall, Hunan Hall and Sian Hall. Ji would spend almost all his free time on brick sculpture. He would save every yuan for sculpture. In the beginning, he cut articles on brick sculpturing from newspapers and read them on a daily basis. He also looked up for information on brick sculpture and learned from brick sculpture masters. Then he would practice what he learned to improve his brick sculpturing skills.


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