Yangzhou modern jade artwork go on display at British Museum
2017-10-10 15:48:00

During National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 8, six pieces of Chinese contemporary jade-carving artworks were transported to the British Museum in London for exhibition. The collection includes an art piece named “Eaglewood incense burner with an interlinked ring at the top” created by Yang Guang, a jade-carving master from Yangzhou of East China’s Jiangsu province, Jiangsu media reported on Oct 9. This is the first time that the British Museum has displayed artworks created by Chinese contemporary artists in the 21st century.

The six art pieces are on display at the museum’s Alleyne Jade Gallery. To highlight the collection of the six jade artworks, the museum also held a forum themed “Dialogue between Chinese contemporary jade-carving artworks and the world”, allowing the world to hear the sounds of Chinese contemporary jade-carving artworks.


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