Art museum opens doors to exhibition of sculptures
2017-09-13 15:15:00

A sculpture work by Liu Ronglu

An exhibition of Chinese sculptors' works opened at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum on September 9.

The “Knock the Mountain and Awaken the Tiger” exhibition is part of this year’s Jinji Lake Art Festival.

It showcases 27 groups of sculptures by eight middle-aged and young artists including Huang Zhitao, Liu Ronglu, Qiu Yue, Yang Song, Yin Zhaoyang, Zeng Jianyong, Zhang Wei and Zhi Min.

The exhibits combine modern expression techniques and traditional culture elements including religious murals, Chinese painting and folk sculpture craft.

It is the first sculpture-themed exhibition held at Jinji Lake Art Museum since 2012 and will run through to November 26. Editor:Hiram