Nanjing week New York station kicks off
2017-09-11 17:10:00

The 2017 Nanjing Week New York station was unveiled at UN Headquarters on Sept 7.

Based on New York Fashion Week, this year's Nanjing Week includes 26 activities in four sectors, continuing Nanjing's mission of "going global" at historical and cultural cities in China.

The Fuzhong Cultural Hall of 2017 Nanjing Week kicked off at the Grand Central Station in New York on the afternoon of Sept 7, local time.

A series of activities, including Faces of Nanjing, Nanjing Showroom, and Her Iinfluence - Women in Nanjing's Cultural and Artistic Circle - attracted many visitors. Ten "faces of Nanjing" working in different areas, industries and of different ages told their own stories to the world at the Grand Central Station, which is reputed as the public art gallery.

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