Global Kunqu Opera digital museum opens at Cambridge University
2017-08-28 17:24:00

Two actors perform Kunqu Opera in Cambridge University in the UK.

Being an important worldwide platform to protect and carry forward Kunqu Opera, the Global Kunqu Opera Digital Museum recently opened at Cambridge University in the UK.

The project for the world’s first Chinese and English bilingual museum aims to study Kun Opera by relying on Cambridge’s complete set of analysis and study methods in its over 30-year implementation of the Cambridge Rivers Project (CRP).

The museum has preliminarily achieved its exhibits’ smart display. On video, the multiple 360-degree real-scene effects can be used for display in theaters, stages and gardens the the help of virtual reality (VR) glasses. In the exhibit display, historical Kun Opera objects can be enlarged, rotated and observed from multiple angles by using high-definition 3D technology. In historical data collation, a batch of extremely valuable videos of older-generation Kun Opera performers from the 20th century has been successfully repaired with the help of the latest digital scan and repair technology.

To date, the museum has more than 370 objects, over 100 performing and teaching video clips and 70-plus research books, with a total of 6 trillion bytes, or 6 terabytes, of information.

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