Chinese TCM doctor to Malta recruits foreign apprentices
2017-08-09 17:06:00

It is a common practice for doctors of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to recruit apprentices to pass along TCM skills. TCM doctor Yang Xiaoming followed suit with four foreign apprentices while working for a Chinese medical team from Lianyugang city while they were in Malta.

Yang said that as the four foreign apprentices once studied TCM for several years, they have relatively solid TCM theoretical knowledge, but lack practical experience. To help them have more experience, Yang showed them how to communicate with patients and analyze and treat new patients’ illness. To help his apprentices quickly master acupuncture skills with confidence, Yang asked his apprentices to practice on his own body.

In addition to improving his apprentices’ TCM skills, Yang also helped them study various basic skills. For example, he would perform massage on his apprentices so they could experience massage’s pressing force, frequency, softness and penetrating effect.

“As teaching benefits for both teachers and students, I also have found some deficiencies of my own when teaching my apprentices,” Yang said. “I should read more books and make more preparation, so as to live up to my apprentices’ expectations,” Yang added.

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