Chinese, foreign musicians play “Sino-Arabic Rhythm” in Yangzhou
2017-08-04 16:49:00

Three musicians, Mohamad Eldebek, Kian How and Su Zixu, presented the “Sino-Arabic Rhythm – Concert for the Belt and Road Initiative” to the citizens in the Yangzhou Concert Hall, Aug 2.

The melodious music of the Middle East along the long Silk Road, played by qanun and the Arabic drum, surprised the audience.

Mohamad Eldebek is a Lebanese percussionist working in New York. Mohamad came to China in the summer of 2014 and established the World Music and Dance Workshop in Yunnan to teach Arabic music. As a composer and Oud player from Malaysia, Kian How mainly plays traditional music of the Middle East and has worked on the score of several films. Su Zixu is a singer-songwriter, a poet and the lead singer and guitarist of the band The Paramecia.

Mohamad Eldebek said hello to the audience in Chinese, introduced some instruments and the music of the Middle East with his companions during the performance. Audience members knocked on their palms and the back of their hands with the rhythm, which made the atmosphere come alive.

“Music is borderless. I have enjoyed the exotic music and culture in the summer of Yangzhou and have had a lot of fun!” said Ms Yuan, a citizen from Yangzhou.

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