New Yorkers to experience beauty of Nanjing through VR
2017-07-31 16:41:00

Nanjing Week will be held at the Central Railway Station of New York in September, where the Culture Showcase of Nanjing will be staged.

Through exhibitions and scientific and technological experiences, Nanjing Week will demonstrate the historical development, human spirit and creative vitality of Nanjing.

In the scientific and technological experience area of the Nanjing Showroom, New York residents can also go on a panoramic “tour” of Nanjing through an interactive VR tool.

In the program “Urban Telescope,” technology similar to Google Maps was introduced. New York residents can “stand” on the sightseeing floor of Nanjing Zhifeng Building and have a panoramic overlook of the whole city by viewing nearly 20,000 panoramic high-definition pictures.

In the program “Having a tour of Chinese parasol-lined streets in Nanjing,” viewers can tour Nanjings streets through VR technology, including four classical avenues: Lingyuan Road, Yihe Road, Changjiang Road and the path inside the campus of the Southeast University. Viewers mount fixed bicycles, put on VR glasses and can then appreciate the astounding and beautiful panoramic scenes of Nanjing.

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