Yancheng boasts China’s largest traditional fishing net zeng
2017-07-25 16:38:00

China's largest zeng, a kind of Chinese ancient square-shaped fishing nets with supporting poles or cables, landed in Dongcheng Yizeng Ecological Park at Huangjian town, Yancheng city, according to certification issued by Shanghai China Records Headquarters of Guinness World Records on July 23.

Located at the intersection between Xinyanggang River and National Highway 228, the submerged zeng with its four corners being fixed on the two banks of the river can be lifted above the water surface by motor-driven steel cables for fishing purpose.

Using zeng to catch fish was an ancient fishing method, which is rarely used in modern times. However, with the fast development of rural tourism, it has reappeared at some tourist sites and ecological parks, wining favor from tourists as it can allow fishing enthusiasts to relax their body and mind in the natural environment. If lucky, the catch can be good when a large shoal of fish swim over the submerged zeng.

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