‘Mahjong king’ from Yangzhou crowned at world championship
2017-07-25 16:19:00

The 2nd World Series of Mahjong games competition ended on July 21 in Beijing. Wang Xiangnong, 49, a player from Yangzhou won the individual championship.

This is the second championship won by a Yangzhou player in an international mahjong competition.

This competition sponsored by Mahjong International League (MIL) attracted mahjong master players from China, Russia and France, among other countries and regions.

MIL became a formal member of the International Mind Sports Association this year, and mahjong, following go chess, Chinese chess, chess, bridge and checkers, became the sixth formal international mind sport events.

Wang Xiangnong started playing international mahjong games after China’s General Administration of Sport formulated the national standards for the game in 1998. He started competing in 2005.

In Wang’s opinion, the mahjong game requires the engagement of the brain and techniques, as well as some luck. “The first premise of mahjong games is no gambling,” said Wang.

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