Ancient tombs unearthed in Changzhou
2017-05-19 17:34:00

The secrets of Mound Tombs in Xubu Town in Jintan of Changzhou, which dates back 3,000 years ago, were released on May 18.

The Mound Tombs in Jintan was listed as one of the Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of 2005. A large-scale rescue archaeological excavation was conducted by Nanjing Museum at the end of 2016. Eight tombs of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-256BC), three of the Six Dynasties period (225-589) and two kilns of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, as well as, 1,000 cultural relics were discovered in the Mound Tombs.


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