Young bonsai artists visit Rugao
2017-04-21 17:10:00

A group of Chinese and foreign young bonsai artists came to Nantong's Rugao on April 17 to survey the city's bonsai industry, and carry out studies and exchanges on bonsai art and culture.

The artists were participants of the 2017 Shanghai International Youth Forum of Bonsai and Shanghai International Flower Show Bonsai Exhibition.

During their stay in Rugao, the young bonsai artists from eight countries and regions including the U.S., Germany, France, Swiss, Czech, Hungary and South Korea visited Shuihui Garden, the only existing Rugao-style garden, Guzhuang Ecological Garden and Rugao International Garden City.

They also exchanged technique on bonsai making with young local bonsai practitioners in Rugao and demonstrated various styles of bonsai techniques in the world.


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