Culture in Jiangsu

Country leaders and representatives of international organizations used tableware made in Nanjing at the luncheon of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing on May 15. [Detail]
Citizens reminisce about old Nanjing[Detail]
A commemorative event was held in Lili Town , Suzhou , on Saturday to mark the 130th birthday of Chinese poet and political activist Liu Yazi and the 110 anniversary of the Southern Society ( Nanshe ) .[Detail]
The secrets of Mound Tombs in Xubu Town in Jintan of Changzhou, which dates back 3,000 years ago, were released on May 18. [Detail]
The Nanjing Week brand set to promote the cultural images of the world rennowned city Nanjing, was launched at the Nanjing Creative Design Center on May 18. [Detail]
The poster solicitation for the 2017 International Poster Biennale For Peace Nanjing officially kicked off on May.[Detail]
The opening ceremony of Zhou Huaimin ' s exhibition takes places .[Detail]
More than 100 metal and stone rubbings are on display in an exhibition at Nanjing University's Art Museum. [Detail]
The Wu Jianhua Songjin-Brocade Artworks Exhibition and 2018 Spring & Summer Songjin Brocade Haute Couture Show were held at the Suzhou Museum on May 15. [Detail]
The "Literary Diversity and Urban Sustainable Development" international forum was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on May 15. At the forum, it was decided that Nanjing will apply for the title of "City of Literature." As of 2004, UNESCO's City of Literature program includes 20 cities. These cities include Krakow, Edinburgh, Heidelberg, Melbourne, Iowa City and Dublin. Nanjing is the first Chinese city to submit such an application. [Detail]
Over 20 sets of mini wood models featuring ancient professions were showcased at the Yuyuan Garden (Hu Family Garden) in Nanjing on May 14. These wooden models were created by an old Nanjing resident named Chen Hesheng.[Detail]
A total of 40 dance troupes have completed in the first round of the Grand Prix in Hong Kong, in celebration of The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return to the Motherland. The event was held at the Sunbeam Theater on May 10, 2017. [Detail]
A traditional Chinese-style garden, featuring Suzhou's signature architectural designs such as pavilions, bridges, corridors, rockeries and a variety of window and door patterns, stands right inside the World Trade Organization's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. [Detail]
"Suzhou Silk Chronicle” is a book that records the development of silk industry and silk culture in Suzhou and its surrounding area.[Detail]
The 8th China Peking Opera Art Festival opened at the Jiangsu Grand Theatre in Nanjing of Jiangsu province on May 11. [Detail]