Culture in Jiangsu

Imagine you can appreciatea cultural relic anytime and anywhere. Wuxi Museum has turned the cool idea into reality.[Detail]
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The report of the 19th CPC National Congress emphasized that “Cultural confidence represents a fundamental and profound force that sustains the development of a country and a nation.” [Detail]
Primary school students rehearse a Wuxi Opera program in Jiangyin , Wuxi , East China ' s Jiangsu province . [ Photo/Xinhua ].[Detail]
Nanjing designer Pan Yanrong, who designed the book Tea Canon, took the award of "The Most Beautiful Book in the World 2018" in Leipzig, Germany, Mar. 16. [Detail]
Historical buildings in the planned area will be renovated and a cultural exhibition hall will also be built in the park to showcase the old landscape of Wangting Old Street and the tradition of Chinese medicine culture .[Detail]
Tombs from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) were recently found in the southern New Zone of Yancheng City. Excavation and research by the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Archaeology show some date back to the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago.[Detail]
This year’s government work report stressed that protection and implementation of cultural heritage should be enhanced while developing excellent traditional culture and providing bountiful spiritual supplies to better people’s lives.[Detail]
Female painters from four countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative held a painting display themed Song of Spring at the Zhonghuamen Gate Castle in Nanjing on March 8.[Detail]
The opening ceremony of the 2018 Zhangjiagang poetry festival was held at Xiangshan Scenic Area on March.[Detail]
Kunqu Opera A Surprising Dream from the Peony Pavilionis performed in Jichang Garden in Xihui Park . Peony Pavilion is a romantic tragicomedy written by dramatist Tang Xianzu in.[Detail]
A performer demonstrates the Sichuanese art of face-changing in celebration of the Lantern Festival in Huishan Ancient Town . It is said that face-changing first appeared in Sichuan Opera during the reign of Emperor Qianlong ( 1736-1795 ) during the Qing Dynasty ( 1644-1912 ) .[Detail]
Qian Yanqing ' s design work of the Chinese family name "钱" ( meaning money in English ) for the Chinese Family Name Design Contest . [ Photo/WeChat account : taicangdaily ].[Detail]
Twenty plays under the theme of the Grand Canal produced by Jiangsu province are touring Chinese cities , including Beijing , Tianjin and Suzhou , from early March to September.[Detail]
One of China ' s top lantern shows , the 32nd Qinhuai Lantern Festival , is currently underway in Nanjing , capital of East China ' s Jiangsu province .[Detail]