Culture in Jiangsu

As a symbol of the friendly ties between Yangzhou and Orl éans , a customized Yangzhou boat will be presented to Orl éans , marking the first boat from Asia to appear at the Vitiloire festival .[Detail]
More than 10 thousand people at 67 public dancing squares in the urban areas of Jiangsu ’ s Yancheng city danced with the music of the song A True Story on Sept 16 in commemoration of a crane-saving girl .[Detail]
The 2017 Jiangsu ( Nanjing ) Copyright Trade Fair was held on September 15th .This year ' s theme was “ Innovation · Protection · Sharing ” . The opening ceremony witnessed the foundation of Jiangsu National Copyright Trade Base and presentation of awards to the outstanding copyright works of Jiangsu Province .[Detail]
The 2017 Suzhou National Popular Science Day "3R Carnival" activity, where participants can experience science and technology, was held in the Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center. The participants, including students and the public, experienced a magic journey by observing the latest in science and technology. [Detail]
In preparation for a key observational day of the month, China's Popular Science Day at-home activities for 2017 were held in Nanjing on Sept 14. This day is based around the theme "use innovation to drive development, use science to get rid of superstition." [Detail]
A video clip about the City Wall of Nanjing was played on the LED billboard of the Times Square in New York on Sept 9, local time. The video, with its heavy sense of history and majesty, left a deep impression on the audience. [Detail]
Designer Lan Yu visited Nanjing many times and favors the Qinhuai River, which has profound imagery and a wealth of humane reference points. She chose the river as the theme for a series of high-class garments to pay tribute to Nanjing and Chinese culture. [Detail]
With its members being 62 years old on average, the Wumen Art Troupe usually practices dancing on the third floor of the Nanhuan Family Service Center in the Wumen community, Sugu district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province. [Detail]
An exhibition of Chinese sculptors ' works opened at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum on September.[Detail]
On last day of 2017 National Games of China, a nice scene appeared in badminton arena: Luo Yu and her twin sister, Luo Ying, who played on behalf of Shandong, defeated their opponents and won the gold medal of badminton women's doubles. [Detail]
The 2017 Nanjing Week New York station was unveiled at UN Headquarters on Sept 7. [Detail]
More than 500 people, wearing uniform clothing, showed the concept of the Great Unity of Heaven and Man by performing Tai Chi on the Ming City Wall area on Sept 10. [Detail]
The organization is the only association of peace cities in the world and is officially recognized by the UN. The association is committed to connecting, promoting and encouraging all cities that carry out peace activities in the world and realizing the dream of world peace. [Detail]
A total of 15 award-winning models, made from environmentally friendly materials by the children of the Gusu District of Suzhou, were exhibited at the "Twelve views of Pingjiang" ancient architectural model contest on September 8, Jiangsu’s media reported. Yin Jiachen from the Xiaogongyuan Community won the Best Visual Effect Award at the event, organized by the Pingjiang Community, with the Songfeng Chunhui model. Yin’s work was made of foam board, cardboard, straw and ice cream sticks. [Detail]
The fifth annual meeting of the Jiangsu Provincial Opera’s Modern Drama Research Association, with a ceremony to award the title of “China’s Huaiju Opera Town” to Jiangsu county were held in Yancheng city, Jiangsu province from Sept 5 to 6. During the ceremony Ji Guoping, president of the the association, awarded a plaque commemorating the achievement to the county. This is the first time the China Theatre Association has granted the name of “China’s Huaiju Opera Town” to a place in China. [Detail]