Culture in Jiangsu

The International Symposium of Officials for the United Nations Summer Class of Chinese Language organized by the Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center was held in Nanjing on July 19. [Detail]
The International Taichi Invitational Tournament was held in Yangzhou, July 20, 2017.[Detail]
A series of activities including an exhibition of Jiangsu-made products and photo show on the friendly exchanges between Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture and China’s Jiangsu province were held in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, for two days from July 17.[Detail]
Teachers and students at Yangzhou University's College of Civil Science and Engineering have used 3D technology to build a "gene bank" for ancient buildings in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, making each building's data and graphics accessible.[Detail]
Huai'an's first Sino-German Culture and Art Festival was held in Huai'an Art Museum on July 15 and 16.[Detail]
Cultural activities are held in Mudu Old Town every weekend from July to August for people to learn traditional arts from renowned craftsmen and artisans in Suzhou and explore private gardens in the city. [Detail]
The ceremony launching Volume III of the Symbols of Jiangsu (Pocket Edition) series was held at the central platform of the 7th Jiangsu Book Fair in Suzhou on July 13.[Detail]
As one of China's national intangible cultural heritages, Yangzhou Puppet is well-known around the world. [Detail]
The "Nanjing Week" Organizing Committee held its first press conference on the "2017 New York Nanjing Week" on July 12.[Detail]
More than 6,000 guandan players from the Chinese mainland participated in 32 sub-tournaments in five cities of Nanjing, Huai’an, Suzhou, Xuzhou and Ma’anshan of Anhui province respectively. [Detail]
To commemorate the historical events, the city of Huai'an held the exhibition The Great Wall of Anti-Japanese Aggression in Central China – N4A in Jiangsu (Huai’an Volume) on July 6. A photo album, Red Geography -- Photo Album of N4A’s Liulaozhuang Company was also launched at the ceremony.[Detail]
The epic opera Jianzhen Crosses the Ocean to Japan, created by Jiangsu Performing Arts Group was staged at the Orchard Theatre in Tokyo on July 5 and 6.[Detail]
Chinese and South Korean academics have released a list with information about more than 100 Korean “comfort women” held during the World War II.[Detail]
73-year-old Zhou Kebing from Yancheng city, Jiangsu province have made 400 Huai Opera facial makeup on gourds since the Spring Festival this year. [Detail]