Better water, good weather means quality Yangcheng crabs
2018-09-12 17:49:00


White Dew, the 15th solar term in traditional Chinese lunar calendar, indicates the real beginning of cool autumn, and also means the coming season of appreciating chrysanthemum flowers and savoring crabs.

Zhou Xuelong, vice president of the Yangcheng Lake Mitten Crabs Industry Association in Suzhou City, said mitten crabs are generally larger than last year, by 5 to 10 percent, thanks to the good weather this year.

With less use of net-enclosure, Yangcheng Lake has seen a better water quality and ecology in recent years. The temperature is also suitable for the growth of mitten crabs. The freshwater lake, most famous area of origin for the Chinese mitten crabs, will start catching its iconic crabs from Sept. 21, two days earlier than last year.

Zhou also said that the best mitten crabs will hit the market one month after the traditional Double Ninth Festival, which falls on Oct. 17 this year, and by then they will have abundant rich, creamy golden roe.

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