Juicy pears in Suzhou now in harvesting season
2018-07-27 16:44:00

The Suzhou High-tech Zone started the harvesting season for Cuiguan pears with a plantation area over 66 hectares on July 25. According to Jin Xueyan, deputy director of the Shushan Village Committee, the village will have a bumper year and production is expected to increase by 15 percent. The village’s new season Cuiguan pears will be on sale for a month until August 25.

In Shushan Village, known as a national role model of ecological tourism, tourists usually come to enjoy the pear flowers in spring and the fruits in summer. The pear variety in Shushan is famous for the thin peel, rich and sweet juice, small pit and no sediment. It is one of the “three treasures of Shushan”. Because the flesh is snow white, the variety is also called "June Snow." The village estimated the production of Cuiguan pear this year is about 1.75 million kilograms, a rise of 15 percent than last year. At present, the market price of pears, weight above 250 grams, is 16-20 yuan a kilogram. Those smaller pears, each under 250 grams, sell at 10 or 12 yuan per kilogram.


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