Yangzhou-style breakfast tea at tourism promotion in Guangzhou
2018-07-11 15:14:00

Yangzhou Tourism Bureau held a “Yangzhou in Summer” travel promotion conference in South China’s Guangzhou city on July 9.

Chen Ende, a master cook of Yangzhou style dimsum at the famed Yechun Restaurant, made ten pet-themed noodles on the spot, with ten different stuffing, presenting the exquisite skills and unique Yangzhou-style breakfast tea culture.

As a unique part of Yangzhou customs, Zao Cha, or early breakfast tea, is an early morning meal akin to breakfast, where delicious small treats are served. Guangzhou also has its distinctive Zao Cha culture, different from Yangzhou-style.

“Yangzhou cuisine differs in four seasons. For example, to make Yangzhou-style steamed vegetable bun, the ingredients range from shepherd's purse in the spring to pickled mustard-green in the summer, green vegetables and shredded meat of wild duck in the autumn, and pickled cabbage in the winter,” said Chen.

He also said that the steamed bun with pickled mustard-green as filling is sweet and sour, a good choice to quench one's thirst, and it’s the representative of Yangzhou Zao Cha treats.

Chen Wenlong, another master cook of Yechun Restaurant, also performed the stunt of cutting tofu while he was blindfolded, winning praises from the crowds. 

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Dylan