New variety of watermelon strong enough to withstand a man
2018-06-04 17:23:00

It is the season of watermelon. Following six years of hard work, the Zhenjiang Academy of Agriculture Science has successfully bred new varieties of watermelon and sweet melons promoted for farmers to plant on a large scale as a demonstration that turned out to be very popular in the market this year.

Ma Zhihu, a researcher with the academy, picked a ripe watermelon weighing a few kilograms. When the 70kg man stood on it, the watermelon didn’t break at all. Then he cut it open to find the very tempting juicy red flesh and not very thick peel.

According to Ma, it is a black-peel watermelon theystarted to cultivate in 2012. The strongest feature of this variety is crack-resistance, which makes it suitable for long-distance transportation. “We did the seed work last year. It also has strong disease resistance and we already have an output of 4,000 to 5,000 kilograms.”

Besides the “fighter-like” black-peel watermelon, the seed-breeding team from the Zhenjiang Academy of Agriculture Science has also cultivated five new varieties of melon. In their test planting this year in Rongbing Town at Dantu District in Zhenjiang, seven species are growing in 58 greenhouses on two hectares.

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