Suzhou noodles hit world record
2018-05-21 16:38:00

On the morning of May 18 at the North Square of Wumen Bridge in Suzhou City, chefs from 19 famed Suzhou noodle restaurants showed the processes of cooking raw noodles and making toppings. Their cooking was rigorously examined by official authorities from the World Record Certification Agency (WRCA) as they set a world record for the “noodle soup with most various toppings in the world”.

Suzhou cuisine is famous both in China and abroad. Suzhou soup, which originated in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), features great ingenuity in cooking styles with many toppings and a secret recipe for soup. At the event, 19 restaurants produced nine categories of toppings involving abalone, meat, fish and shrimp, poultry and more ingredients -- altogether 518 kinds of toppings.


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