Huaian food expo shows classic dishes
2018-04-18 15:06:00

The China (Huaian) International Food Expo will be underway in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province from April 19 to 21.

Huaian City in Jiangsu Province enjoys the reputation as the capital of Grand Canal, land of rice and fish, and a renowned cultural city. Beginning from the Spring and Autumn Period and flourishing in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Huaiyang Cuisine is among the traditional Four Major Chinese Cuisines. As a big city for the agriculture and food industry, Huaian is also one of China’s important grain bases and agricultural products processing centers. The city’s production value in the food industry has surpassed 100 billion yuan ($15 billion).

When considering Huaian, it is a must to taste Huaiyang Cuisine. Using freshwater aquatic ingredients as main materials and cooked with top skills, Huaiyang Cuisine is known for keeping the original flavor, color and elegance to suit all tastes as well as four core norms -- harmony, delicacy, lightness and freshness. In order to promote Huaiyang Cuisine as a brand, the Huaian government has developed China Huaiyang Cuisine Group, the only state-level group named after one of Eight Chinese Cuisines. Moreover, a Huaiyang Cuisine Culture Museum has also been established. Four famed traditional dishes -- ruandou eel, pingqiao tofu, common cattail with dried shrimp and qingong meatballs – have earned the title of Chinese Renowned Dishes.


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